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14 Common Rocks & Minerals You Can Find in Missouri

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Even though Missouri isn’t mentioned often in the rockhounding community, many rockhounds are surprised to find out that this state has an amazing variety of minerals! Learn more about the fascinating rocks and minerals of the Show Me State in this overview.

In Missouri, rockhounds collect the following rocks and minerals:

  • mozarkite,
  • geode,
  • agate,
  • jasper,
  • obsidian,
  • flint,
  • barite,
  • galena,
  • sphalerite,
  • quartz,
  • amethyst,
  • chalcedony,
  • dolomite,
  • and calcite.

It’s easy to overlook some amazing rocks and minerals in Missouri if you don’t know what to keep an eye out for. Use this guide to ensure that you don’t miss out on treasures during your Missouri rockhounding adventures. 

Common Rocks and Minerals in Missouri
Common Rocks and Minerals in Missouri

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What Rocks Are Found in Missouri

Missouri has all sorts of collectible rocks, including ones that you can’t find anywhere else in the U.S., such as:


Mozarkite (source:
LocationGPS Coordinates
Warsaw38.241329, -93.347653
Lincoln38.377105, -93.322933
Edwards38.145271, -93.160885
Mora38.523372, -93.203457
Clinton38.355543, -93.808131
Benton County38.201816, -93.158657
Where to Find Mozarkite in Missouri

Missouri is home to a special stone called mozarkite, and it is only found in this state. Mozarkite, Missouri’s state rock, is a type of chert that typically appears with brown and pink streaks of color. Rare varieties appear with soft blue, green, and orange streaks in addition to the brown and pink. 

Warsaw, Lincoln, and other areas in Benton County are excellent sites for Missouri mozarkite.

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LocationGPS Coordinates
Alexandria & Wayland40.359380, -91.508885
Weaver’s Branch40.454067, -91.579751
Fabius River40.119758, -91.782745
Weber Quarry38.480495, -90.289323
Fox River40.527605, -91.872665
Arnold38.420603, -90.388978
Where to Find Geode in Missouri

While most rockhounds visit Iowa to collect the famous Keokuk Geodes, you can actually find them right here in Missouri. Keokuk geodes are known for their beauty and reveal all kinds of minerals once opened, and the most common ones in Missouri contain calcite, pyrite, sphalerite, and dolomite. 

Fortunately, geodes exist all over the place in Missouri; stop by the Fox River, Alexandria and Wayland, and the Fabius River for some gorgeous geodes.


LocationGPS Coordinates
La Grange40.051104, -91.494966
Grand River42.923264, -85.361271
Warsaw38.238796, -93.378467
Gentry County40.225118, -94.448942
Livingston County42.616251, -84.004947
Daviess County39.957025, -94.012247
Grundy County40.090927, -93.585302
Where to Find Agate in Missouri

Missouri is truly a great place to be if you enjoy collecting agates. From Lake Superior Agates to banded gem-quality agates, rockhounds bring home agates of all colors from this state, including blue, white, gray, pink, orange, and red varieties.

There are more than 35 recorded locations in the Show Me State where rockhounds find agates in abundance. Stop by La Grange, Grand River, or Warsaw for gem-quality Lake Superior Agates.

TIP: The most common opinion among scholars is that аgate and jasper are not the same minerals but are both varieties of chalcedony, a form of microcrystalline quartz. Find out more below:
Jasper vs. Agate: Crucial Differences (Are They Same?)


LocationGPS Coordinates
Gentry County33.144292, -89.943334
Daviess County30.553505, -89.323106
Livingstone County31.713948, -90.392053
Grundy County31.503666, -91.501984
Grand River (especially Gallatin)31.024149, -91.497440
La Grange40.052221, -91.493936
Where to Find Jasper in Missouri

In the Show Me State, you can find high-quality red or green jasper that looks stunning once polished. Additionally, this rock is plentiful throughout the state, so you should be able to collect some without going out of your way.

As you explore, keep in mind that any of the Missouri areas with jaspers usually have agates as well, so you’ll be able to collect two types of rocks from a single location.

Gentry County, Daviess County, and Livingston County are three of the best sites to go to for jaspers.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood
LocationGPS Coordinates
Grand River (especially Gallatin)31.024149, -91.497440
Greenfield37.415852, -93.833994
Marble Hill37.304209, -89.961672
Cape Girardeau County37.321442, -89.511860
Livingston County31.713948, -90.392053
Grundy County31.503666, -91.501984
Where to Find Petrified Wood in Missouri

Did you know that you can find petrified wood in Missouri? Petrified wood from this state comes in all sizes, and it’s often discovered in gravels near rivers and waterways.

As you search for petrified wood, remember that it’s only found in certain areas of the state, so you will need to travel to specific locations to collect it.

Stop by Grand River, Greenfield, Marble Hill, or the other locations listed above to add petrified wood to your rockhounding collection.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Warsaw38.240548, -93.380613
Lincoln38.394985, -93.322102
Timber Knob36.564374, -92.467911
Greenfield37.409580, -93.835539
Current River (near Doniphan)36.619599, -90.841429
Doniphan36.614848, -90.831582
Where to Find Chert in Missouri

Gem-quality chert and flint are extremely common in Missouri, and rockhounds can find large specimens in various areas of the state. Blue chert, white chert with yellow bands, and multicolored mozarkite are some of the most popular types of chert that rockhounds collect from the Show Me State.

For gem-quality flint, head over to Doniphan. For large, gem-quality chert, the Current River is the place to go.

TIP: River rock is a natural stone that has been smoothed and shaped by the flow of water in a river. Find out more about river rocks in the article below:
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What Minerals Are Found in Missouri

Get ready to dive into all the amazing gems and minerals that Missouri has to offer, which includes:


LocationGPS Coordinates
Washington County37.971064, -90.805529
Morgan County38.327123, -92.808943
Moniteau County38.823316, -92.458419
Fabius River40.118096, -91.774905
Cole County38.399276, -92.238431
St Francois County37.849660, -90.457558
Where to Find Barite in Missouri

Did you know that Missouri is an important producer of barite in the U.S.? Most of the state’s barite production comes from Washington County, and you can uncover multiple types of barite in this area.

Blue, white, gray, yellow, red, and transparent barite are just a few colors of barite that rockhounds collect from Washington County and other areas in the Show Me State.

Along with Washington County, some other areas to explore for barite include Cole County, Moniteau County, and St. Francois County.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Cole County38.399276, -92.238431
Springfield37.201965, -93.357455
Joplin37.076048, -94.504945
Flat River37.820857, -90.556353
Fredericktown37.574808, -90.311516
Lincoln38.393639, -93.325706
Where to Find Galena in Missouri

Galena is one of the most popular minerals to collect from Missouri due to its accessibility. You can find this mineral in many of Missouri’s counties, especially in the southwestern parts of the state. If you see a silvery-gray stone during your Missouri rockhounding adventures, it’s probably galena.

Cole County, Joplin, and Springfield should be your first stops for galena in Missouri.

TIP: Geologists classify minerals based on various common characteristics depending on the sphere of geology in which the classification is used. Check out the complete guide below:
How to Guide: Classification of Minerals by PRO Geologist


LocationGPS Coordinates
St Francisville40.458178, -91.569649
Fabius River40.116929, -91.783896
Troy38.973367, -90.971654
Cole County38.399276, -92.238431
Springfield37.201965, -93.357455
Joplin37.076048, -94.504945
Where to Find Sphalerite in Missouri

If you hear the words Black Jack, Rosin Jack, Ruby Jack, or just Jack in the Missouri rockhounding community, they are talking about sphalerite. Sphalerite has many names in the Show Me State, and it comes in black, red, yellow, brown, and green shades.

Southwest Missouri is known for its large treasure troves of sphalerite, but you can find it in smaller quantities in the northern sections of the state.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Washington County37.971064, -90.805529
Chariton River40.073757, -92.697676
Newark39.994232, -91.970882
Troy38.973367, -90.971654
St Louis38.605244, -90.196787
Cole County38.399276, -92.238431
Where to Find Quartz in Missouri

Missouri has a couple different types of quartz, including drusy quartz and smoky quartz. Rockhounds often bring home gorgeous quartz specimens from Missouri, especially from areas in Washington County.

Some of the top places to visit for quartz are Washington County, the Chariton River, and Cole County.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Steelville37.966738, -91.351978
Ruepple Iron Mine38.270833, -91.140693
Moselle Iron Mine37.833704, -91.832720
Vida37.853969, -91.807112
Stanton38.271244, -91.110294
Chariton River40.073757, -92.697676
Where to Find Amethyst in Missouri

The southeastern mines of Missouri hold an abundance of high-quality amethyst for rockhounds. Some mines that are well-known for their amethysts are Ruepple Iron Mine near Stanton and Moselle Iron Mines near Vida.

Check out Steelville, Stanton, and Vida to find and collect Missouri amethyst.

TIP: Amethyst is present in many states across the U.S. However, some states seem to have plenty more amethyst locations than others. Find out more in the article below:
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LocationGPS Coordinates
Hermitage37.942498, -93.328272
Lincoln 38.393639, -93.325706
La Grange40.052221, -91.493936
Gallatin31.024149, -91.497440
Kahoka40.419277, -91.718247
St Francisville40.458766, -91.570336
Where to Find Chalcedony in Missouri

In the Show Me State, rockhounds find chalcedony on its own or inside geodes. Typically, rockhounds find this mineral near the creek beds, riverbanks, gravels, and other waterways of the state.

Swing by Hermitage, Lincoln, and La Grange for gorgeous chalcedony specimens or geodes.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Fredericktown37.574536, -90.310657
Eldon and Etterville38.439916, -92.580008
Joplin37.080516, -94.509394
Cole County38.540128, -92.160147
Springfield37.227119, -93.316255
Steelville37.967144, -91.351892
Where to Find Dolomite in Missouri

Although dolomite can appear in many colors, the specimens from Missouri are typically white in color and possess a hexagonal crystal shape. There are multiple areas in the state where rockhounds can find this mineral, and some of the best specimens come from southern areas of Missouri.

Explore Fredericktown, Joplin, and Springfield to gather plenty of dolomite for your collection.


LocationGPS Coordinates
Sugar Creek34.816252, -90.441154
Grindstone Creek31.713948, -90.392053
Chariton River31.692288, -90.481008
Fabius River31.774767, -90.179303
St Clair38.348809, -90.991766
Joplin37.077777, -94.500124
Where to Find Calcite in Missouri

Calcite comes in all the colors of the rainbow, and the kinds you find depend on your location. In Missouri, rockhounds often come across white, red, brown, and green calcite crystals of all sizes.

Additionally, rockhounds find this mineral inside geodes or attached to other common minerals within the state.

Venture near Sugar Creek, Grindstone Creek, or the Chariton River to bring home calcite crystals or geodes from Missouri.

TIP: Calcite occurs in numerous colored and crystal habit varieties, ranging from $3 to $25,000.00 for a specimen. Find out more in the article below:
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FAQ About Common Rocks & Minerals in Missouri

Let’s delve into the rare rocks and minerals of Missouri with these FAQs:

What Rare Rocks Can You Find in Missouri

During your Missouri rockhounding expeditions, you might come across some rare rocks, including jaspers, agates, geodes, and mozarkites. Some rockhounds even find gem-quality flint and chert in this state.

Lake Superior Agates, Keokuk geodes, and mozarkites are a few of the most popular finds in the Show Me State, especially since mozarkite exists solely in Missouri.

The Grand River, Warsaw, and Lincoln are three excellent places to go if you want to find multiple types of rare rocks without traveling too far. You can also check out the locations listed above that note the best locations for each of these rare rocks.

What Rare Minerals Can You Find in Missouri

Missouri is a land that’s filled with rare minerals and glittering gems, and rockhounds can find sphalerite, gold, barite, amethyst, opal, fluorite, smokey quartz, siderite, vivianite, aragonite, staurolite, and cerussite in this state.

While these precious stones are not as easy to find as more common minerals, they are gorgeous, valuable, and well worth your time and effort.

High-quality gems only exist in specific areas of the state, so before you set out to explore Missouri, take a second to plan your route and include some of the destinations listed below.

Comb through areas near Warsaw, Grindstone Creek, Kahoka, and the Grand River to hunt for these rare gems and minerals. You can also visit the Chariton River, Lincoln, and Fox City, three areas that are also known for their precious stones. 

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What is the Most Famous Rock or Mineral Found in Missouri

Missouri has a lot to offer rockhounds, but the most famous rock that rockhounds seek is mozarkite. This rock is unique because it exists solely in Missouri, and it’s a type of chert that has a gorgeous display of swirling colors.

Generally, mozarkite appears with various shades of pink, red, purple, green, gray, and brown, and it looks gorgeous once polished. Mozarkite was nominated as Missouri’s state rock in 1967, and most specimens are around 450 million years old. 

Warsaw, Lincoln, and other areas near Benton County are famous for their fine specimens of mozarkite, so be sure to add them to your rockhounding itinerary.


What a surprise that Missouri is so rich in rocks, minerals, and gemstones! Even though Missouri isn’t as famous as other states for rockhounding, this modest state has plenty of intriguing stones for every rockhound.

One-of-a-kind mozarkite, colorful Lake Superior Agates, stunning Keokuk geodes, and much more all reside in this state, making Missouri a worthwhile trip for any rock-lover.

For your next rockhounding trip, pack your bags and head over to the Show Me State; you’ll soon see just how many rocks and minerals Missouri can show you!

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