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Guide: 9 Best Locations to Find Geodes in California

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California is among the best states for rockhounding rocks, minerals, crystals, and even fossils. However, how does it stand when it comes to geodes? You can find geodes in California if you know where to look.

Although California isn’t particularly famous for its geode deposits, some rockhounding spots exist within the state where you can find this beautiful rock. Geodes are often found in desert regions, volcanic ash beds, or areas with plenty of limestones. The good news is that California is a state where you can find these mediums.

Let’s see exactly where you can find geodes in California, what types, and the best places to look for these rocks!

Where to Find Geodes in California?
Where to Find Geodes in California?

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Can You Find Geodes in California?

You can find all sorts of geodes in California, particularly near mountainous regions, creeks, rivers, canyons, beaches, and many counties in desert areas. Chalcedony geodes, amethyst geodes, agate geodes, opal geodes, quartz geodes, or colemanite geodes in California.

California’s best geode locations include its northern, southern, and central regions. For example, you can try your luck near Los Angeles at Escondido Canyon or in the northern regions at Crystal Mountain.

In the southern parts of the state, Imperial County is a great area to find all sorts of geodes, especially if you head to the Black Hills.

Sometimes, discerning geodes from other rock specimens can be challenging. However, watch the video below to see how to spot a geode immediately! Let’s explore California’s northern, central, and southern areas to know the best spots to find geodes!

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Where to Find Geodes in Northern California?

Northern California generally has the best rock-hounding locations for minerals, crystals, rocks, and gemstones. Yet, here is also where you will find plenty of locations to seek out various geode specimens.

The best geode locations in north California include Crystal Mountain, Pino Grande, Slate Mountain, Peterson Mountain, and Traverse Creek. Bring the proper tools with you no matter what location you visit because you will need them to check, extract, or dig the geodes up.

If you visit Crystal Mountain, you will likely stumble upon quartz geodes, as this is one of California’s most famous quartz deposits.

Various mines exist here with more than one entrance. Head to Sierra County to visit Crystal Mountain, and don’t worry; you won’t have to pay any collection fees.

Regarding Pino Grande, plenty of large geode deposits are situated here, typically near the area of creeks and streams.

Not all the sites are open to the public, so you will have to do some searching. If you want to check out private areas, ask for permission first.

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Where to Find Geodes in Central California?

Central California has its fair share of minerals, rocks, and crystals, but you can also find beautiful geode specimens in some areas. The main issue with the central parts is that there are more private lands; hence, you must thoroughly research before going out.

Central California’s best places to find geode specimens include the Black Hills, Black Mountain, San Jose County, Monterey County, Placer County, San Francisco Country, and Fresno County. You can always join a rockhounding club to learn more about California’s central hidden rockhounding locations.

You have a vast range to cover at the Black Hills since it stretches from San Joaquin Valley to the Sierra Nevada.

Since this area was once part of a more extensive mountain range, many of its treasures were unearthed, and you can easily find geodes here. If you want to visit a famous county such as San Jose, search for the geodes in the creeks.

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Where to Find Geodes in Southern California?

Southern California most likely holds the most geode-hunting locations in the state. Here, you will find several types of geodes in different environments, and the best part is that some of these areas are free to explore and collect.

The best geode-hunting locations in Southern California are the Slate Mountains, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, and Imperial County. There are several other locations, but in these regions, there seems to be a concentration of geode deposits scattered throughout the area.

For example, Los Angeles County has dozens of significant areas to search for geodes, particularly near the Escondido Canyon, west of Acton. You can also check out the Agua Dulce Canyon.

The Slate Mountain in El Dorado doesn’t just offer breathtaking views but enables its visitors to unearth various types of geodes in its many trails.

Regarding San Bernardino County, plenty of geodes are just waiting to be found near its limestone deposits, ancient sea beds, lakes, and creeks. You can try your luck here on the northeast side of Lockheart, the northwest portion of Leadpipe Springs, or the Hinkley area.

The Calico Hills or Yermo area are also excellent places to search for geodes. If you visit Imperial County, visit the northern parts of the Imperial Valley Area or the Hauser Geode Beds in Wiley Well.

Riverside County also has its fair share of geode locations to explore. You can find geodes almost anywhere in this county, especially in the Blythe area or the desert center.

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California is a long-stretching state with many things to offer, especially regarding geode specimens. If you live or want to visit this state, get equipment properly because you will start an adventure like never before while searching for geodes.

Always ask the locals for more information on the places you will visit or do even more thorough research beforehand. Some areas are arid, and you will need water and food to enjoy your activities.

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