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4 Best Locations for Finding Jasper Rocks Near Me (USA)

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Jasper rocks are among the most sought-after stones by rockhounds around the world. These beautiful rocks can be found in a lot of locations in the United States. So where to find jasper rocks in general and what are the best locations in the United States?

Jasper is an igneous rock commonly found in riverbeds near ancient volcanic activity areas and is very common in the U.S. They come in large formations or nodules. There are many different types of jasper rocks, some rarer and more valuable than others. Running streams are also an excellent place to find them.

But where can you find the best jasper rock varieties, in what states, and are any other terrains worth searching for jasper rocks? Let’s find out!

Where to Find Jasper Rocks?
Where to Find Jasper Rocks?

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Where to Find Jasper Rocks?

Jasper rocks are found in almost all U.S. states, and sometimes, they are located right around agate rocks as well. When hunting for jasper, it’s best to have water with you so that you can clean away the dust to reveal the actual color. A rock pick, pocket knife, eye protection, and a sturdy bag are also recommended.

Jasper rocks aren’t found only in riverbeds or running streams. You can also find jasper in national parks, ocean beach gravels, shore gravels, beaches, most rivers, stream gravels, slopes, agate beds, hillsides, near mountains or desert areas, springs, reservoirs, creeks, and many other places.

Beach Gravels & Ocean Gravels

Beach and ocean gravels near the mouth of area streams are some of the best places to find jasper. If the area around you had some volcanic activity in its past, and there are beaches or ocean gravels near you, then it’s the perfect time to grab some tools and head to them. You will indeed find some red jasper specimens!

Riverbeds & Runningstreams

Riverbeds are almost a sure bet for finding jasper, and the same applies to running streams. Pebbles or whole rocks can be found of various types, shapes, and sizes.

These running waters have had plenty of time to capture some specimens or relocate them continuously. You will undoubtedly find some jasper specimens if you have a good eye and many rivers in your area that aren’t too deep.

National Parks

Some national parks contain lakes that have jasper specimens. In many cases, this is the best way to see what jasper looks like in the wild. However, not all parks allow collecting.

Some areas that you may venture into will require a small fee or permit, while others prohibit collecting no matter what. It’s best to always inform yourself before collecting anything on such lands.

Agate Beds

Jasper rocks are many times in the same areas where agates are present. This is why you will find jasper specimens near agate beds in many states. If there are such places near you, definitely don’t limit your search just to agates. There are very high chances that you will find jasper as well.

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Where is Jasper Found in the United States? The Best Locations

Where is Jasper Found in the United States?
Where is Jasper Found in the United States?

Jasper rocks are widespread in the United States, and many rockhounds have this specimen in their collection.

However, as stated above, there are many types of jasper rocks, such as imperial jasper, brecciated jasper, landscape jasper, poppy jasper, and ocean jasper, among others. Blue jasper is also a rare specimen worth searching for if you want something extraordinary.

Because of this, some of the best places in the U.S. where you can find high-quality and various types of jasper are states such as Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, California, and Washington. In Oregon, for example, you can find orbicular jasper, Ochoco jasper, or Crater Lake Flower jasper in the northwest, north, and south central regions.

OregonShores of Ochoco Reservoir, Crater Lake National Park, Yachats beach gravels
ArizonaFoothills of Sunset Peak, Cave Creek, New River area streams
CaliforniaCrescent City ocean beaches, Goose Lake, Mesas, and gullies around Midway
WashingtonDungeness, Sappho, Aberdeen beaches and streams, Lucas Creek
Where is Jasper Found in the United States?

To better understand what types of jasper you can find and where in some states, let’s take a look at some famous locations.

Finding Jasper in Oregon

The state of Oregon isn’t famous just for its jasper deposits and diversity. It is among the best rockhounding states in the U.S.; therefore, various areas are excellent for finding rare and high-quality specimens.

The southeast and northwest regions of Oregon are the richest in jasper. However, you can easily find it throughout the state, especially at the ocean beach gravels. If you want to find orbicular jasper, all the beach gravels between Yachats and Florence are filled with it!

To find high-quality jasper and thundereggs as a bonus, you can head to north central Oregon at the Sunflower Flat and search the hillsides and gravels. The Shores of Ochocho Reservoir is where you can find Ochocho jasper, which is unique.

Moving to south-central Oregon, you can find the beautiful Crater Lake Flower jasper in the area just south of Crater Lake National Park. Several other good areas to find jasper exist in Oregon. It all depends on what you want to find and much you are willing to go for it!

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Best Jasper Locations in Arizona

Arizona isn’t as rich as Oregon regarding its rock, mineral, and gemstone versatility. However, it does have its fair share of jasper locations. For example, you can find red jasper at Cave Creek. Go to the hill west of Cave Creek or the area around Go John Mine.

At Clifton, you may be able to find some fantastic and rarely blue or black jasper specimens. Go to the Foothills of Sunset Peak. The York Area is also known for its beautiful jasper specimens. You can find many jasper specimens on both sides of the road from Morristown to Castle Hot Springs.

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Jasper Locations in California

California, similarly to Oregon, is a prosperous state regarding rocks and minerals, and this also stands true when it comes to jasper. There are dozens of great locations to find jasper specimens in California.

For example, there are numerous ocean beaches in Crescent City where jasper is present. Patrick’s Point State Park beaches are also well known for their jaspers and agates. In Siskiyou County, you can find jasper in the Agate Flat area.

In Trinity County, all the gravels surrounding Trinity River are filled with jasper specimens of various colors. Modoc County is also great to find jasper, especially near Goose Lake or the Fandango Pass between Fort Bidwell and Pine Creek.

Poppy jasper can be found in San Jose, at the creeks northwest of Morgan Hill. One of the best counties in California to find jasper, though, is San Bernardino.

Here, you can discover jasper at Amboy Crater, Afton Canyon, the Eagle Crags area, or on the north side of the hill near Lead Pipe Spring. If you want to find gem-quality Lavic jasper, head to Mesas and gullies around Midway.

If you are near Kern County, you can find jasper southeast of the foothills of Castle Butte, the surrounding area near El Paso Mts., or at Gem Hill.

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Finding Jasper Rocks in Washington

The state of Washington is also rich in finding jasper. The most numerous and best locations are situated around Seattle and the northwest and southwestern parts of the state.

Let’s look first at the areas around Seattle and the general northwestern regions. The ocean beaches are well known for their jasper deposits, but there are other areas you can search.

In the river gravels of the Dungeness, you can find orbicular jasper, for example. At Lake Crescent, just one mile northwest of the end of the lake, you can also find many jasper specimens.

The area gravels around Crescent Beach, or the beach gravels around La Push, are also abundant in jaspers. You can also find orbicular jasper at Sappho, in the Sol Duc River gravels.

In the southwestern parts of Washington, the beaches along the Pacific Ocean are rich in jasper specimens. For example, you can find flower jasper at Aberdeen, the beaches, and the streams.

You can also find jasper specimens at Moclips, the northern beaches, and streams. The area beach gravels of Kalaloch and Queets are also worth checking out. At Lucas Creek, the area east of ADna, you can find jasper as well.

In Centralia, the regional stream and river’s gravels are filled with jasper rocks. Doty, in the Chehalis River, gravels are also worth exploring, along with the Pe Ell regional river and stream gravels or the Mt. Adams area. If you are near Green Creek, you can find jasper just north of Holcomb.

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FAQs about Finding Jasper Rocks

Still did not find the answer to your answers about finding jasper rocks? Find frequently asked questions in the section below:

Can Red Jasper be Found in Water?

Red jasper specimens are usually found in gravels or creeks. For example, you can find red jasper in Arizona at Cave Creek.

It is not uncommon to find red jasper rocks in the water, as they are more resilient than other stones. Other types of rocks tend to lose their color or dissolve after long periods of time.

Where is Zebra Jasper Found?

The Zebra jasper is among the most beautiful types of jasper in the world. It was discovered in Kunnanurra, western Australia, and many people associate spiritual meanings with it.

The Zebra jasper is mined in Russia, Africa, and India. However, you can also find it in Brazil, Egypt, the U.S., Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Canada, or Uruguay.

Where is Yellow Jasper Found?

Yellow Jasper is found in the U.S., South Africa, Russia, India, Venezuela, Australia, and several other locations worldwide. This type of jasper is prized as it goes well with jewelry. The colors vary from yellow, yellow-gold, gold orange, and mustard brown.

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Jasper is among the most versatile igneous rock that you can search for in the wild. It can take various shapes, sizes, and colors. While blue jasper is among the rarest type, other colors and types of jasper are also worth finding, such as zebra jasper, yellow jasper, ocean jasper, and others.

Many states in the U.S. have numerous locations where different types of jasper can be found. If you are lucky and live near such locations, as presented above, grab your tools and start searching. If you aren’t near these areas, make sure to mark them for your next trip. The hunt will be worth it!

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