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Where to Find Marble: Best Environments & Locations (USA)

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Marble is among the most ancient and famous rocks used in the construction industry. A premium interior decoration material, this metamorphic rock varies significantly in appearance based on the conditions of its formation.

You can find marble in most U.S. states, with states such as Vermont, Colorado, California, Arizona, and New Jersey, among others. Marble is found interbedded with various metamorphic rocks with the igneous intrusion. Quarries, pits, limestone deposits, Dimension Stone deposits, and deposits of aggregates are among the perfect places to find it. 

If you want to find marble in nature, you must first understand how it forms. Let’s look at how marble forms, where it is found, and explore some of the best places to find it in the U.S.

Where to Find Marble Near Me
Where to Find Marble Near Me

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Where to Find Marble Near Me (Most Common Environments)

First, we need to understand that marble is a metamorphic rock. It is mainly composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals such as calcite or dolomite. When other types of rock, such as limestone, are heated to extreme temperatures, the minerals inside grow and fuse, resulting in marble.

The old layers of our earth, where extreme folding and igneous intrusion occurred, are among the best environments to find the marble. Mica schists, gneisses, phyllites, or granulites are common metamorphic rocks that result in marble under the right conditions. Quarries, pits, limestone, aggregates, or Dimension Stone deposits are typical environments to find the marble.

According to Mindat, about 1.54% of limestone deposits have marble, whereas 12.18% of Marble deposits have limestone. Around 2.43% of Dimension Stone deposits have marble, and 1.35% of granite deposits have marble. Let’s take a look at some of the best environments where marble is easily found:

Quarries and Pits

The U.S. has various quarries and pits that contain marble, and it is considered by most among the best environments to find this metamorphic rock.

Even many old quarries still have marble on their grounds. When it comes to pits, it all depends on where they are located. Pits near areas that experienced volcanic activity in the past are far more likely to contain marble than others.

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Mining Districts, Outcrops, & Surface Rocks

Mining districts are generally significant areas where rockhounds can find several types of minerals, crystals, and rocks.

As no surprise, you can easily find marble in such locations. Outcrops often reveal a surprising amount of marble, but you may also find it near other surface rocks.

Limestone deposits, aggregates, or Dimension Stone deposits are some of the best places to find marble. If you have a limestone deposit near you, try and search for marble samples. 

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Where Is Marble Found in the United States? The Best Locations

Where to Find Marble in the United States?
Where to Find Marble in the United States?

There are about 23 states in the U.S. where marble can be found. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the other states don’t have marble, but these locations are a safe bet to find it. Some of these states are richer in marble than others, though.

The best states in the U.S. to find marble include Arizona, California, New Jersey, Vermont, Tennessee, New York, New Mexico, Massachusets, Idaho, Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado, South Carolina, and Ohio. California is the most abundant in marble specimens. Three states in the U.S. have marble as their official state rock.

VermontVermont Danby Quarry, Swanton, Proctor
ColoradoMarble Town,  Gunnison County, White Marble Quarry
CaliforniaBlue Marble Quarry, Inyo Marble Quarry, Butte County
Where Is Marble Found in the United States?

Let’s take a look at some of these U.S. states and see where exactly you can find marble and what are the best locations!


Vermont is an exciting place for anyone looking to find marble and more! This state is among the three U.S. states with marble as their official state rock. Vermont designated marble as its official state rock in 1992, along with granite and slate. 

If you visit Vermont in search of marble, you should know that here you can find some of the highest-quality varieties of this metamorphic rock, along with others.

They are sought after due to their lapidary qualities, and many metamorphic rocks contain minerals such as tourmaline, garnet, or quartz.

Various quarries in Vermont produce high-quality marble and serpentine. One exciting location to find marble in Vermont is the old queries and dumps in Swanton, just south of Missisquoi River. You can find the fantastic Swanton “red marble” or Dunham dolomite here. 

Several area quarries near Proctor are also highly regarded due to their high-quality marble specimens. If you are near Bennington County, go to Dorset and visit the Norcross-West Marble Quarry, or known as Dorset Quarry.

In Manchester County, Vermont, head to Manchester Center and go to the Valley Marble Quarry to see some beautiful specimens.

If you are near Rutland County, head to Danby and visit the Danby Marble Quarry, or you can go to West Rutland and visit either the Eastman Marble Quarry or the Green Mountain Marble Quarry.

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Alabama isn’t mainly known for its abundance of marble; however, we have to mention it since it is among the three U.S. states with marble designated as their state rock. The state of Alabama established marble as its official state rock in 1969.

Suppose you decide to visit this beautiful state in search of marble. In that case, you should know that the surface rocks in the northeastern part of the state are mainly comprised of various metamorphic rocks, such as quartzite, slate, and marble especially. 

In Alabama, you can head to Talladega County and go to Sylacauga to visit the Gantts Quarry to see marvelous marble specimens.

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Colorado is the third and final U.S. state with marble as its official state rock. The state of Colorado designated marble as its official state rock in 2004. However, it is quite a different variety of marble than the other states.

This type of marble is known as Yule Marble. You can only find it in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado, about 2.8 miles / 4.5 kilometers southwest of Marble, Colorado. This type of marble was first discovered in 1873.

It is underground at an elevation of 9,300 feet / 2,800 meters above sea level. In contrast, marble is often quarried from open pits at significantly lower elevations. The Yule Marble is 99.5% pure calcite. It has a smooth texture with a luminous surface.

Due to its appearance, rarity, and difficulty in getting, the Yule Marble is much more expensive than other types of marble. In the U.S., there are several important monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial, where Yule marble was used for their construction.

In Colorado, you can find Yule Marble in Gunnison County, along the highway between Marble and Carbondale. Explore this region’s local mining prospects, stream beds, or pegmatite veins.

If you are near Chaffee County, go to Monarch Mining District, and head to White Marble Quarry to find marble specimens.

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In California, there are several places where you may find marble specimens. Starting in Alameda County, you can visit Altamont and Collins Deposit. In Butte County, you can find marble at the Big Bend, especially near Big Bend Mountain, or at the Big Bend Marble Quarry.

In Calaveras County, head to Mother Lode Belt. The San Andreas Mining District is perfect for enthusiasts to explore the region and hunt for various specimens, including marble. There are two marble quarries at the Kentucky house, whereas, in San Andreas, there is the Treat Marble Quarry.

The Pardee Mining District is also worth visiting. Head to Buena Vista Mountain, where you may find the Caldwell Marble Quarry. Exploring the surrounding areas may yield good results. 

You can visit the Moaning Cavern and head to Eagle Marble Quarry at the Vallecito Mining District in Vallecito.

In Eldorado County, in Cool, there is the famous Blue Marble Quarry, and just a bit farther away, at the Indian Diggings Mining District, in Brownsville, there is the Aiken and Lace Marble Quarry.

Inyo County, Haystack Mountain is a good source of marble specimens in the Inyo Range. Here operates the White Quarry, also known as the Inyo Marble Quarry. In the same county, there is also Wonoga Peak, where explorers can try their luck out in finding marble. 

The Belleville Mining District in San Bernadino County is also an excellent area to find marble. At the Rodman Mountains, near Sidewinder Mountain, lies the Three Colored Marble Mine, but there is also the Verde Antique Marble Quarry near Stoddard Mountain.

The Columbia Mining District in Toulumne County is also an excellent place worth exploring. Here, the Bell Columbia Marble Quarry is at the East Belt. 

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New Jersey

New Jersey is also a state worth considering if you wish to find the marble. Although not as abundant in marble as other states, it does have a couple of active marble quarries. This is an excellent hint that marble can be found in this state.

For example, in Morris County, near Montville Township, there is the Lake Valhalla Quarry, also known as Gordon’s Crystalline Limestone Quarry. Since we know marble is often found in limestone deposits, explorers shouldn’t be shy and try to explore this region to find their own marble specimens.

In Sussex County, near Franklin Borough, there is the Munson Marble Quarry. Enthusiasts should pack their bags, tools, and food and head over to explore the general area. You never know what you might find.

In Warren County, near Jenny Jump Mountain, there is a marble quarry near Hope Township. The presence of this quarry is a good indicator that there may be other places nearby where marble may be found.

If you are near Lopatcong Township, consider visiting Phillipsburg and Marble Mountain. Explore the general area to find marble specimens, or consider visiting the Royal Green Marble Quarry.

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FAQ About Finding Marble Rocks

Still did not find the answer to your questions about finding marble minerals? Find frequently asked questions in the section below:

Is Marble Found Underground?

Marble is formed in limestone, and limestone is mainly found on the earth’s surface regions. However, if you want to find marble, you may need to go underground, as it is commonly found in open pits.

What Type of Rocks is Marble Found In?

Marble is a metamorphic rock found in sedimentary rocks such as limestone, dolomite, Dimension Stones, aggregates, granite, or clay deposits. About 1.54% of all limestone deposits have marble, whereas 12.18% of marble deposits have limestone.

Are there any Marble Quarries in the United States?

There are various marble quarries in the United States, particularly in Vermont, where some of the highest quality marble is quarried. However, California has the most active marble quarries in the U.S.

Where is the Largest Marble Quarry in the World?

The state of Vermont doesn’t have only some of the highest quality marble quarries in the world but also the largest marble quarry. The Vermont Danby Quarry has been active for over 100 years, and the same opening in the quarry is still in use even today. 

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Marble is undoubtedly among the most beautiful rocks in the world, and its prolonged aesthetic usage throughout the centuries speaks for itself.

This precious rock decorates thousands of structures throughout the world. If you want to find marble in nature, consider the tips and locations mentioned above! 

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